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Strategy Driven Design Cornwall


Providing web design & brand development that delivers a competitive edge to small businesses.

Jake-Designs works with businesses & brands to develop competitive advantages.

We are a results driven design agency. Specialising in brand creation, logo design & web design & development operating out of Cornwall.

Strategy Driven Design

What is strategy driven design? Simply put it is design with the sole purpose of completing an objective.

Crafting digital and physical assets that compell and engage, whilst maximising the brand’s message and always crafting content from the brand’s core goals. 

The primary goal of our work is to align the goals of your brand with the desires of your customers.  Creating meaingful brand experiences that trigger results and lead to long term strategic growth.

Whether we are crafting am interactive website, creating a new peice of hand-out media, or growing a social media presence, we work the the goals of the organisation in the fore and bring this through all of our work.

To understand the goals of the business we work with our clients to first establish the voice and feel of the brand, gathering a scope for what the company’s public personality is, its core customers and how the firm operates. Once we have an understanding of the brand we are able to truly push its message and create strategies that compel customers and complete objectives. 


About Us & Strategy Driven Design

our technique to Design

Creating result-driven strategies, powerful brand identities, flawless customer interactions and experiences that connect your brand to your audience.

All our design work stems from one point,  what are the goals of the brand and how can this piece of design work help this brand to achieve them.

Branding at its best expresses the company’s personality and enables its unique values to shine through. We help brands to build all-encompassing customer experiences that resonates with client’s needs and leaves a lasting impression.

We craft digital spaces that fulfil the brand’s goals. Mediating the space between users and information by crafting intuitive user experiences that drive results and communicate harmoniously across all devices.


 Web Design & Logo Design Services Cornwall


Branding & Logo Design

Our main objective with branding is to establish brand values that create a representation that is compelling, beautiful and truthful. The design process is full of research and iterations of concepts, fine tuning all the possibilities before arriving at a compressive brand identity.

Web Design & Development

This process is all about crafting compressive online experiences that achieve goals and create lasting and memorable user experiences, seamlessly across all devices. From Desktop to Mobile and devices in between, our websites scale smoothly and adapt to any size.


Printed Media Design & Print

Crafting printed media that leaves an impression. From large scale event media to small flyers and van signage, our printed media is created to thrill and excite whilst leaving a memorable impact on readers. 


360 Start-Up Services

Where this agency really shines. From concept through to launch, taking your idea and turning it into a reality. This process involves the creation of the brand’s identify, logo, web site, printed media, and anything your start-up might need to help your brand.

 Logo & Web Design Portfolio

Our Latest Work

Jay’s Autos

Website, Social Media Optimisation, Basic Search Engine & Google My Business optimisation, along with printed media designs and some small scale marketing. 

Working with Jay’s Autos to craft a new website and online presence that dominated the local competition. It was key to create a website that left an impression, so using the existing branding and logo we crafted a website that is fully interactive and surprises and delights new users with animation and functionality, a key compotent that was lacking from the competition.

Wildflower Tattoos

Brand identity design, social media optimisation, google my busisiness optimisation, printed media creation, and logo design. 

From the roots up, a brilliant client an amazing project! We set out first to establish the identity of the brand. We worked together to eastablish the feeling of the brand, the message of the brand, who the brand’s customers would be, and used ths information to craft a personality for the brand. After a lot of research and iterations, we crafted a logo and identity that communicates the brand’s mesage, feminine feeling, and natural vibes effectively.

Using the new identity we created social media content and display images that were engaging and memorable. We then moved onto the Google My Business Page and developed branded printed media which stands head sand tails above the existing competition.

The Mobile Bike Doctor 

The full package, we built the entire digtal and phyical presence of this brand from branding, to website, to media, to signage, the lot.

We crafted this entire brand. From the identity and logo design right through to the website, social media, google my business profile, printed media for stationary use and advertisements, roller banners, and last but not least clear van signage that is memorable and easy to action.

This project was amazing, from the interactive and animated website through to the event media we crafted, the Mobile Bike Doctor is now in a great place to grow and be a successful business. We are still working with The Mobile Bike Doctor to deliver them compeling digital marketing services.


“Absolutely brilliant! Right off the bat this whole process felt involved and that we were working together to create an “asset” that had the best chance of success. The website not only looks amazing but results in bookings! Couldn’t be happier “

Jay Andrews

Jay’s Autos

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