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About Jake-Designs

Design Agency Cornwall

Jake-Designs is a design agency operating from Cornwall. We bring together digital and physical design to deliver competitive advantages to our clients, there isn’t much we cant create in-house.

This Agency is open-minded, curious and has a taste for storytelling in a way that creates meaningful, memorable and compelling brand engagement.

This agency embraces new challenges with a clear and open mind, open to learning new skills and adapting to ever-changing times.


Design Agency Cornwall

Agency Core Values

  1. Embrace & Adapt To Change
  2. Be Adventurous, Creative & Hold An Open Mind
  3. Research & Then Research Again 
  4. Build Open & Honest Relationships
  5. Do More With Less
  6. Kindness
  7. Build Solutions Before Barriers
  8. Be Humble
  9. Be Grateful
  10. Have Fun With It

Why Choose Our Design Services?

Why Brands Choose to Work With Us


All our work is rooted in strategy. After defining the brand’s goals and how the peice of design work reflects that we research meticulously and then research some more before ever putting pen to paper and create design entirely driven by strategy.

Creative Flare

From concept through to completion we create fresh, unique design work that catches the eye and tells the story of the brand, creating an immersive and versatile experience. Our work tells the brand’s stories and depicts emotions, inviting the user into the brand.

360 Service

Providing  client’s with all the design-related solutions they could need. From web design and development through to product packaging, social media content, and much more. We work with industry partners in the print sector and creatives in many others, there is no problem this agency can’t find a solution for.


All our design work has the goal of the user in mind and what they will experience and feel when they interact with your brand. All our work is designed with how the end user will interact with the brand, making sure it is a compelling & memorable experience and fulfils the goals of the organisation.

Strategy Driven Design

What is strategy driven design? Simply put it is design with the sole purpose of completing an objective.

Crafting digital and physical assets that compell and engage, whilst maximising the brand’s message and always crafting content from the brand’s core goals. 

The primary goal of our work is to align the goals of your brand with the desires of your customers.  Creating meaingful brand experiences that trigger results and lead to long term strategic growth.

Whether we are crafting am interactive website, creating a new peice of hand-out media, or growing a social media presence, we work the the goals of the organisation in the fore and bring this through all of our work.

To understand the goals of the business we work with our clients to first establish the voice and feel of the brand, gathering a scope for what the company’s public personality is, its core customers and how the firm operates. Once we have an understanding of the brand we are able to truly push its message and create strategies that compel customers and complete objectives. 

The Mobile Bike Doctor

“From start to finish a great company to work with. They created my entire brand, built my website and designed everything else we needed. A great one-stop design service, will be using in the future”


Justin Andrews



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