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The Mobile Bike Doctor is a mobile bicycle repair service operating in a highly competitive marketplace, this small localised brand operates within a 20-mile radius of its home base, making local competition the main pain point for the organisation.

Working with The Mobile Bike Doctor we crafted an identity that would stand out in a crowded marketplace, the colours had to be bold and instantly recognisable, the font had to be actionable at a distance and the overall aesthetic of the brand had to leave a lasting impression.

We worked with this organisation to create brand collateral in the form of a logo, website design, Google my business and social media display content, branded stationery and van signage.


The Mobile Bike Doctor


March 21


3 Months


Establish A Digital Presence

Crafting a compelling memorable brand that delivers results

The Mobile Bike Doctor launched into an extremely competitive market with pressure from small local bike repair shops up to national corporations. Creating a unique and memorable user-driven website was key to a successful launch. In such a competitive market it was vital that The Mobile Bike Doctor made an impression and dominated some space.

Brand Engagement After 2 Months (unique users)

Organic Google Trafic

Keywords Ranking Top 5 In Google Search


— Brand Design & Web Design Bike Repair

Challenge & Strategy

This project required the creation of every aspect of the brand, crafting a brand identity, logo, web design and development, roller banners, flyers, business cards, social media display images, social media content, email signatures, favIcons, desktop banners, branded stationery and van signage.

It is key to pull the brand identity, the colours, fonts, logo etc through every aspect of the brand. Consistency is where a brand’s strength is, creating a meaningful and compelling experience with the same feeling time and time again, consistently building long term customer relationships.


This project was huge and utilised all the different aspects that make up Jake-Designs. Crafting a unique and compelling brand that left a memorable and enjoyable impression was the key in such a competitive marketplace.

The project began with a meeting, brainstorming and running through all the different aspects that made up this unique organisation, why it was so different, how the brand was to feel, the feeling that the customer would get from interacting with the brand, who the ideal customer is, what value is the brand offering, and who the competition was, were a few of the questions we use to gather an accurate picture of the information that would later lead to the creation if a highly compelling brand identity.

After gathering as much information as possible and iteration after iteration, we polished this brand identity into what it is now, a dynamic and memorable brand that holds its own space in the digital world.

Playing on both the ‘bike’ and ‘doctor’ aspect of the name we pulled this through to represent a major component of a bike and the medical aspect of the doctor, reflecting both aspects in the iconography. It is simple but highly effective. We also drew the medical iconography and feeling through the language the brand uses, focusing on “bring your bike back to life”, or questions such as “does your bike need a check-up?” fully utilising all the aspects of the branding was key to crafting a comprehensive brand identity.

To pull the branding through from a digital experience into the physical world we created van signage that not only stands worlds apart from the competition but was compelling and easily actionable. We also crafted printed stationery that the customer uses, pulling the branding through even further into every customer interaction., building consistency and strength in the brand.

The organisation also required event and small print media. We created 2m roller banners that burst with the branding, using bold iconography and colour to catch the eye with easily actionable contact information, these banners dominate space. The small printed media was a series of double-sided flyers 2000x, a business cards design and 2x small roller banners.

This project truly was colossal and a great exercise in what we’re able to do and the results we can achieve with a totally fresh brand. The Mobile Bike Doctor is doing great in their marketplace and growing month on month, we continue to work with The Mobile Bike Doctor, providing digital marketing services, maintaining the website, and being on stand-by for any design-related questions, queries, or media requests.

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