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— Web design & brand development

Creating a unique and compelling digital presence

Jay’s Autos are a mobile car mechanic service operating out of Amersham. They operate in a highly competitive and saturated local market. Their customer base extends in a 15-mile radius of Amersham and consists of a wide and varied group of locals.

The company came to us looking to gain a competitive edge over their competitors and expand their customer base. We quickly focused on the brand’s website design and the impression it gave and how that compared to their competitors. The website had to be highly memorable, easy to use, seamlessly scalable across mobile, tablet, and desktop, whilst also providing a compelling narrative using friendly and professional language.


Jay’s Autos


February 21


2 Months


Digital Presence Establishment


— Web design and development

Challenge & Strategy

First, we embarked on a huge amount of market research, analysing the local and national competition and creating strategy iterations. After research, research and more research we crafted a strategy that focuses on creating actionable memorable experiences, providing information efficiently in an actionable way.

We crafted an interactive web design that breaks the traditional layout, includes animations that captivate the user and funnels traffic to make conversions.

Including all the necessary information in an easily scannable and actionable way was key given the level of competition in the marketplace.

We coupled this with Google my business optimisation as we identified that this channel was key for the brand’s success as a local service. Providing as much information, service pictures and branding as possible, whilst capitalising on strategies to boost traffic.

We continue to work with Jay’s Autos to deliver digital marketing and web design work.

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