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— Logo Design Tattoo Studio Cornwall

Logo Design For A Tattoo Studio Cornwall

Wildflower Tattoos came to us needing a brand identity to launch their company. The competition in the market for this niche, traditional hand-poked tattoos, was quite low but tattoos as a whole were very high. Operating from Bude, Cornwall (15+ mile radius) there were over 15 other tattoo studios, so the branding needed to make an impression to compete effectively, whilst also remaining minimal and feminine to appeal to the broadly female target market audience.


Wildflower Tatoos


March 21


1 Month


Brand Creation & Digital Presence Establishment

Bookings being taken before the brand launch

We worked with Wildflower Tattoos to develop their online presence and marketing to create a “hype campaign” focused on Instagram and Facebook interaction. Using only organic measures we were able to build enough hype to get bookings in before the brand even launched.

Bookings before launch

Bookings to date (Apr 2020)


— Logo design Tattoo Studio Cornwall

Challenge & Strategy

The main challenge of the brand was to establish itself in a competitive marketplace and push its unique product and service aspects through its branding.

Wildflower Tattoos also tasked us with establishing their digital presence, so we optimised all of the organisations’ social media presences and created a google my business page to push the service on a local scale.


To create the brand identity we met with Wildflower Tattoos and established as much detail as possible on the organisation, developing the unique feeling, the language, and the personality of the brand. Crafting an identity that represented femininity, and the unique style of tattoos was key. We decided on a font that has a feeling of flow and that had delicate elements, highlighting the unique and feminine nature of the service. Coupled with a colour palette that took a sharp turn away from traditional tattoo branding was also key for differentiation, selecting a dessert tonne pushed the feminine peaches and reds whilst also creating contrast and holding attention.

Printed media was a large part of this project, we created double-sided flyers, posters, disclaimers and a sandwich board. Pulling the branding through all of these forms of media was key to push the brand’s consistency. Pushing the brand’s message through every interaction of the brand and customer. Consistency is what gives a brand strength, ensuring that the message is delivered time and time again, building meaningful and dependable customer relationships.

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